Personal Descriptions

Name: For those of you who can't separate the username properly, it's Daniel Guo.

Family: Sister in college.

Likes, activities, interests, hobbies, etc. (in order of importance): Academics, morals, My Little Pony, Warrior Cats, music (plays trombone), memes, trolling, friendship, magic, ponies, cutie marks, ponies, Pinkie Pie, ponies, parties, Twilight Sparkle, ponies, apples, ponies, rainbows, etc. Oh, and did I mention ponies?

(more shall be added later.)

Info: 14 years old, 8th grade @ Cupertino MS, born 4/24/1998, lives in Cupertino, CA, etc. Big troll, good at math (compared to school students), made AIME, made States in most competitive chapter EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, got 13/15 on 2012 AIME II, etc.