DuoDuoling0 is currently misplaced on AoPS. He is 9 years old in 2020, 2 years too young for AoPS.

DuoDuoling0 likes doing Duolingo (duhh!)Currently has 65 friends (as of 16.09.2020).

About DuoDuoling0

Joined: March 7, 2020 Total Posts: 267 (Click to view posts) 267 Introduction to Algebra A (2284) 149 *Fun Factory 12 *The AW Forum 9 *THE ULTIMATE GAME FORUM 3 *The Random Forum :D 2 *Test Forum 1 *Ultimate Survival Forum 1 *Hogwarts: A School For Witchcraft And Wizardry

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Blog: Posts about life::)

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Status: Online for most of the day. Do not hurt my feelings pls, I am a K-sensitive person who does things differently than others but not all stuff


Learning progress: I AM DOING HORRIBLE

Famous for: Starting the "Posts hall of fame", as it gets more and more popular in the 2 weeks period (as of 16.09.2020), getting ≈300 posts in 2 weeks, on AoPS for most of the day but only spends 15 mins on AoPS work

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