The name expiLnCalc has the name of a country hidden in it. Which one is it? If you want hints, look and/or scroll below.

Hint 1: This country has as many provinces/divisions as its English name's length.

Hint 2: The country has a unique flag.

Hint 3: The country has a unique time zone.

Hint 4: This country borders a two countries, both of which have 4 of their 5 letters present in the name expiLnCalc. And these two countries are also the only ones the mystery country borders.

Hint 5: Via periodic table, one can write it as 101513.

Hint 6: There are three consonants and two vowels, in the form cvcvc.

Hint 7: The country lies in the mountains.

Hint 8: The country is Nepal.

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