Irishfeet123 aka "Rin" is a user that joined AoPS on September 21, 2013.

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"Irishfeet123" was a username created by Rin when she was about 6 years old. Hence the boring "123" on the end. When she was about 10, she realized it really should have been "Irishtoes5678". But really, "iRinishSox" is best as of now. She wishes to be addressed as "Rin" all the time. "Irishfeet123" is pronounced "Irish-feet-one-two-three".


Rin rarely plays rated FTW games. She mostly uses it to chat with friends, communicate more quickly when pms are too slow, or just to have fun playing unrated games against her much-better-at-math friends.


Rin does not play Alcumus unless required by an AoPS class.


Rin's blog is LaLFaAID. It was created on Oct 22, 2013, very soon after she joined AoPS. LaLFaAID stands for, as seen in the description, "Laughs and Laments from an Asian Irish Dancer". She chose this title because it is alliterate, descriptive, and the abbreviation is pretty. Rin's blog sometimes changes its title to different versions of "LaLFaAID-[insert changed text]".

  • As of 3/16/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-Waiting for Life to Happen".
  • As of 3/26/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-30 Shades of Green".
  • As of 5/24/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-Practicing Hard"
  • As of 6/7/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-Relaxing?"
  • As of 6/11/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-Stamina"
  • As of 7/20/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-"Summer""
  • As of 8/15/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-Presence"
  • As of some time in between, the title was"LaLFaAID-Fading"
  • As of 12/22/2016, the title is "LaLFaAID-"Focus"

LaLFaAID is her first blog. She has never made branches of it, transferred, or held multiple blogs. Rin's comment-replying style is editing each comment in green text with a response. She feels that it gives her a more honest comment count.

Rin's style of blogging is often in "prose", which really is a 2/3 opposite of what she attempts to do. The problem is, readers never end up reading it in their heads in the same rhythm that she has in mind when she writes it. Rin purposely does not post anything math-related. She posts rants, fun ideas, her situations of life, and asks for help often. She enjoys sharing in this style. She also likes writing this wiki article in third person...

LaLFaAID currently [8/15/2016] has 91895 views of 379 posts, with 946 comments and 342 shouts. LaLFaAID reached 90,000 views on 7/20/2016.

LaLFaAID's Shades of Green CSS was made by Rin from scratch in February of 2016.

Rin takes great care with her tags on her blog, only using tags that will reoccur. The most-used tags are most likely: Orchestra, Friends, Dance, and Oireachtas.

Rin also takes great care in selecting her contributors. While they very rarely contribute, Rin allows a few of her most trusty friends to be admins, although SFGiantsFan is the only admin who exercises his power. Rin has moderately not too many contributors...who never contribute.


  • Rin has attempted many times to meet AoPSers. None of her exploits have worked.
  • Rin's blog, LaLFaAID is one of the most read-able blogs on the blogroll, being a good balance between fun, spammy, and deep. In her opinion. [disincluding the math blogs]
  • LaLFaAID is one of the longest-archived active blogs. Not the longest, by a long shot, but quite long.
  • Rin fails at playing mafia quite a lot.
  • Rin is more of a community person on AoPS than a mathy person. She likes to cheer people up.
  • Most of the time, she is trusty with secrets. Rin holds many secrets of her AoPS friends.
  • Rin plays Greed Control and Reaper.
  • Rin says "ay-ops", not "A-O-P-S".
  • Rin knows about 10 not-so-community-active AoPSers in real life.
  • Rin is a high-level competitive Irish Dancer.
  • You can not keep Rin from jumping around if she is jumping around.
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