Brief Bio

Ruthannah's the name. Contest math's (one of) the game(s). I'm a high school sophomore at the Singapore American School and have been a long-term resident of Singapore. Math has always been a fun subject for me, hence I also find contest math interesting. You can often find me lurking around the AMC 10/12 sections of this site.

A caveat: I won't be continuing on to take the AIME or the USAMO, even if I qualified for them. Proofs don't make sense to me (*oxymoron alert*)... but I guess it's just the way I feel about things.

If you need to know anything else, feel free to send me a message.

Achievements (Math only)

-AMC 10A 2009 (results yet unknown) -AMC 12A 2010 (results yet unknown) -AMC 12A 2011 (results yet unknown)

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