Lionfish joined AoPS on January 18, 2014.

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Lionfish was chosen as a username when he first joined AoPS. He was having trouble choosing a username that he liked. For his birthday, he had received a model of the USS Lionfish, designation SS-298. The rest is easy to see - he chose Lionfish as his username, and wouldn't change it for the world. He does not like being called 'lion fish'. 'Lionfish' is pronounced 'Lion-fish'.


Lionfish hates stalkers. As a result, if you are a stalker he will bulldoze you. Which would require him to stalk you. Which would require him to hate himself. Which would require him to bulldoze himself. Which would require him to need a funeral. Which would be his. And he has no desire of attending his own funeral. Because it makes no sense whatsoever. And since he has gone from talking about stalkers to talking about funerals, that means that he needs to stop rambling, as he often does.

Other Info

Lionfish is a Boy Scout, and loves camping. He has 5 younger siblings, and is 13 years old. He does not consider himself annoying, but he leaves that open to discussion.


Lionfish does not play FTW, and has no desire to do so.


Lionfish usually only plays Alcumus when required for an online class. However, he will occasionally visit to work on a quest.


Lionfish discovered Reaper when Game 52 was in progress. He started nearer the end of the game, and finished 287th - whar he believes it to be a respectable placing considering when he started playing.


Lionfish has two blogs: an older blog, F-22 hangar, with 72 entries and over 18000 views, and a no-longer-newer official blog, with 127 entries and he doesn't know how many views as of 9/21/2016.

Blog of a Scout contains a wide variety of entries, but there are some pertaining to Scouting, which he loves.

The CSS for Blog of a Scout was originally made by CaptainFlint. It was modified slightly by the StarGazer Staff, of which Lionfish is a part, and was further modified by Lionfish to have Scout colors - tan and dark green.

Lionfish doesn't care that much about tags on hid blog except when they pertain to Scouts. Then the tags fit the post subject closely.

Lionfish has recently removed most contribs. He complains that they never post at all, and so there is no need for them to be contribs.


Lionfish hobbies and interests are (but not limited to): Scouting, math, AoPS, models, making war dioramas with Lego pieces and custom weapons, RPGs, Star Wars, Latin, coin collecting, swimming, reading, camping, knives, and more.


  • Lionfish does not know any AoPSers personally.
  • Lionfish loves playing RPGs.
  • Lionfish's favorite RPG is the main USF forum.
  • Lionfish has become addicted to a game called Star Wars: Armada
  • Lionfish is here for the math, but has a community life along with the math life.
  • Lionfish speaks in the third person while he is writing his Wiki page.
  • Lionfish's mom has a friend who has met Richard Rusczyk in person.
  • Lionfish loves AoPS, and has learned most of what he knows of math here.


Lionfish has no rants at this time. SS-298 (talk) 21:23, 16 March 2016 (EDT)

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