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Welcome to my user page! Enjoy, have fun, and don't forget to leave a comment in the comment section with your username! :D ==Hey future me here, cringing so much at this page. Please take into account that this was made 2-3 years ago, so ignore all of the cringiness, I'm too lazy to edit. And no, I'm not obsessed with emojis anymore. "i'M nOt ADDiCtEd" - past me (I was definitely addicted)==

About Me


My username comes from my extreme love of emojis. I recently changed my username due to the fact that it gave away personal info. The pronounciation of my username is just the normal pronounciation of love, then a pause, and the normal pronounciation of emojis.


I am going into 6th grade and live in New York. Beyond that, I refuse to give any more info.

I am going to 7th grade and live in NY.

How I use AoPS

This is how I use everything on AoPS!

Where Can You Talk To Me?

Here's how I use the Community!


I visit only the 24! forum, Site Support, and occasionally Middle School Math when I decide to make mock contests. However, I am not planning on doing one of those until after a while. I also visit Contests and Programs right after the AMC 8 and 10.


I only visit and read blogs that I am a contributor or administrator of. I read everything on my "My Blogs" page, but nothing else unless one of my friends gives me a link to their blog. I have a blog, Fun. My old blog, the happy blog!, got deleted because too much personal info was revealed and it was getting addictive.

Where Can You Play With Me?

Here's how I use the Resources!


I use it only for classes. During classes, I am on Alcumus frequently and work hard to pass and even master the topics. I care a lot about ratings, quests and achievements, so I work hard to finish the skills and do well in those.


Like I said before, I am going into 6th grade and CrowdMath is way out of my range.


I find the AMC 10 Final Fives very helpful and I often watch those after taking an old AMC 10. I also watch them a lot if I am stuck on something in class. I wish that all my classes had videos!

For the Win!

I started FTW last May, and I thought it was awesome! I played a lot, and then it got boring. Now I dislike FTW and I don't understand why some users are so addicted. I never use FTW anymore.

MathCounts Trainer

I've done the AMCs for 2 years now and am just barely aging into MathCounts. I barely even understand the format and have never had any experience, not even a mock or practice test. I have access to the School and Chapter rounds, because I was just testing it out, but I rarely use it.


When a game is going on, I get involved. I'm not addicted, but I work hard. I'm still new at Reaper, though. I've only played a total of 2 full games (Game 52 and Game 54) and one troll game (Game 53). In Game 54, I changed my username midway so I suffered a big blow, and therefore, I can't wait for a fresh start in Game 55!

Greed Control

I've been playing this for nearly 3 years! I love how it's fair to every time zone, unlike Reaper. I believe that I have found the lucky Greed Control number that will always give you lots of points. I won't tell anyone, though!


I never really read the articles, except for "Stupid Questions." I found that one very helpful and inspiring! Thanks Mr. Rusczyk!

AoPS Wiki

I often use the AMC 10 solutions to go over problems I got incorrect on practice tests, and I use this user page. I occasionally look at my friends' user pages.


A type of language?

Users in Real Life

The only user that I know in real life is my brother. He never uses the community, only Alcumus, though, and he doesn't want me to disclose his username in case someone wants to PM him. I have a couple users who I might know in real life, but I don't know if it's really them or if they actually know me. It's a long story, don't ask....

Online Classes

I have taken 5 classes: Prealgebra 1 and 2, Algebra A, Intros to Counting and Probability and Number Theory. I am going to take Algebra B this fall.

Fun Facts About Me!

  • I didn't start with the community until I had been a member for about 3-4 years. The first 1-2 years were spent only on classes.
  • I've been a member of AoPS for 5 1/2 years.
  • I'm not addicted to AoPS.
  • I don't like math. I'm here because my mom made me take the classes, and I love the games (Reaper and Greed Control) and the community.
  • I've never really had a bad day.
  • I am not homeschooled, I do AoPS as an additional program to go alongside school.
  • I take 2 AoPS classes every year, one starting in the fall and one starting in the spring.
  • I take 2 online classes each year, one math class through AoPS and one writing class through another company.
  • I love emojis so much that I am known for loving them in my school. :D
  • I am going to add more facts when I think of them. ;)

Suggestions and Comments

Here, you can add suggestions for what I should add, and comments about this page. Please no inappropriate stuff, you will get reported. Leave your username after your post so I know who commented. Enjoy, and feel free to add lots of emojis! :)

The TeXeR is a program that will render LaTeX, Asymptote, and other stuff. ~Tijnasreksab

Thanks! --- love_emojis

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