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1st grade:

NSF --> 5th regional, 27th national

2nd grade:

NSF --> 3rd regional, 7th national

3rd grade: NSF --> 15th regional

4th grade: NSF --> 5th regional, 20th national

5th grade:

NSF --> 1st regional perfect scorer, bad oops

6th grade:

AMC 8 : 16 (1st school, achievement roll) Chapter MATHCOUNTS: 33 (5th cd, 10th individual) State MATHCOUNTS: 12 (34th, individual) NSF regional: 6th NSF national: 60somethingth

7th grade: AMC 8: 21 (1st school, honor roll) Chapter MATHCOUNTS: 29 (forgotten to be called to cd, 8th individual) State MATHCOUNTS: 18 (20th individual) NSF Regional: 33/35 (1st) NSF national: 40something AMC 10 : 61.5 (probably first high school .-.) Purple Comet: 10/20 (did on own --> HM)

IDEAmath 2013

8th grade: AMC 8: 21 (first school, honor roll) CHapter MATHCOUNTS: 31 (1st cd, 3rd individual) State MATHCOUNTS: 22 (1st cd, 3rd individual) National MATHCOUNTS: ~20 (160 + ath) AMC 10: 115.5/102 (2nd at the high school that I took it at/ first at the high school I took it at (different hs)) NSF Regional: 33/35 (1st in MA chapter)

9th grade:

Math Madness - 3/8, 4/7, 8/10, 6/7, 7/9 (787th in country) GBML - 13/18, 14/18, 7/18 (2nd school score) Massachusetts Math Olympiad (kind of an AMC 10/12) - 122 (96th in Massachusetts high school students, 5th from school) NEML - 6/6, 5/6 (One of the highscores in New England, T-1 in school) HMMT - 265th (5th from school :/)

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