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I. About Me

Was sponsor for a day on the VSA.

Personal Info

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Nicknames: ObjectZ, ObjZ, Ob


ObjectZ's Main Forum (head admin)

ObjectZ Forest (head admin)

Gold Mine (mod)

Accumulation Playoff Matches (mod)

EMNC (game creator)

Fun Factory (active user)

The Chess Forum (usually active user)

LaTeX and Asymptote (usually active user)


A Daily Dose of Randomness (blog by centslordm) (admin)

II. User Count

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Hi Objectz lol
"hi objectz" -MW123GUY_
Why am I on this page again?-M4l(not the orz one)
III. Goals
A User Count of 52

A User Count of 111

To get pro like Mr.C

IV. Time
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