There is a very, very small chance that anyone is reading this right now. But either way, here are my achievements:

2009-10 school year (7th grade)

MC regionals: earned some number of points; team 2nd place

MC states: earned some number of points; team 3rd place (and $$100 check for us to celebrate that we were supposed to divide equally among us...unfortunately one team member took all the money and didn't give it back for >1 year. And only to me; the other two team members didn't even realize it until I informed them. One of them was extremely happy that someone owed money to him.)


AMC 8: 24 (Gosh dang stupid mistake!)

AMC 10: 126 (I actually spent a significant amount of time calculating my projected score after guessing to see if I could qualify for AIME. My projected score was something around 122, so I got lucky.)

AIME I: 4, never actually got the results back, so it's a guess.

Other competitions: won some amount of trophies

2010-11 school year (8th grade)

MC regionals: earned some number of points; team 1st place (!!! We beat our arch nemesis...!!!)

MC states: earned some number of points. CD 7th seed; got bumped down to 8th by a certain kid who crawled from 9th to 2nd. Team 2nd place. Another $$100 check. Our coach decided to give us each $$25 instead of trusting someone to give out the money because at that point I still had not received money from the year before.

Mu Alpha Theta: 3 first places, one second place; one fourth place in an open competition (everyone ranking above me was a senior who was about 1 foot taller than me.) Ironically, I got 4th place in a geometry competition. Huh.

AMC 8: 25!!

AMC 10: 133.5. Not too bad; top score in our school was 135 (ugh) by the same child who gained 7 places in MC states.

AIME I: 5. Pretty good, considering how hard everyone said it was. I did every non-geometry problem.

USAJMO: 11!! Really good, considering how it's almost fiftieth percentile and I hadn't done any preparation beforehand. I did #1 (how easy) and tried to prove #6 false but failed, which apparently gave me 4 BSing points. I was really happy about that.

AIME Training

Summer Preparation

AIME A/B Classes:

20 AIME Problems per week! ^.^ Plus a bunch from class. Most of the time, I could do 80%ish of them (which probably wasn't enough...*sigh*) but I wrote full solutions in my journal, which I am pretty proud of. Except then for geometry I did only 20-50% of the problems...

2011 AIME II (6)

I got a measly six on this. I could have gotten ten, though, if I hadn't made any stupid mistakes.

  1. 7: I made a thinking fluke and did it the wrong way (I don't even know how...?) Once I found out that I got the wrong answer though, I instantly realized I was supposed to use stars and bars. Whoops.
  2. 8: I used the roots of unity. Somehow, I screwed up.
  3. 11: Gosh dangit, forgot to count the first method was the exact same as the one in the solution.
  4. 15: Screwed up somewhere. Again, my method was the exact same one as the one in the solution.

head bashes repeatedly I must make fewer mistakes...

2010 AIME II ($x \in \mathbb{Z}; 0 \le x \le 15$)

My score is so horrible that I don't even---

So, stupid mistakes.

  1. 2: Uh, what. I don't even know how it was possible that I screwed up on this. It's the difference between the areas of two squares and apparently I just added their areas. Whoops...
  2. 4: The guy changes to a *different* airport gate, so there are 132 total possibilities ($12\cdot11$) instead of 144 ($12^2$).
  3. 9: Coordinate bash fail.
  4. 10: Hmm, undercounted by 3. Don't really know why...:\
  5. 13: Jeesh I did it the same way as the solution, just that the denominator of the fraction is $\dbinom{50}{2}$, not $50^2$. Same mistake as on #4. So, I made 5 stupid mistakes. Even worse than last time...:'(

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