[asy] /**  * Eclipse  *  * Made by piphi  *   * For more information go to the link below.  *  */  fill(circle((55,50),45),darkblue+white*0.2+purple*0.05);  picture ic; path two=circle((55,50),30)--cycle; pen[][] firefox2={{darkblue+white*0.2+purple*0.05,darkblue+white*0.2+purple*0.05,darkblue+white*0.25+purple*0.2}}; latticeshade(ic,rotate(90)*two,firefox2); add(rotate(-90)*ic);  fill((100,57)--(100,62)--(9,62)--(9,57)--cycle,white); fill((100,47)--(100,52)--(9,52)--(9,47)--cycle,white); fill((100,37)--(100,42)--(9,42)--(9,37)--cycle,white);  clip(currentpicture, circle((55,50),45)--cycle);  path a = (48,3)..(0,50)..(48,96); path b = (48,96)..(7,50)..(48,3);  fill(a--b--cycle,rgb(247,148,30)); [/asy]

After making the Firefox logo I decided to make a series of logos out of Asymptote. The logo that I chose to do next was the Eclipse logo.


In case you don't know Eclipse is an IDE for the Java programming language.

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