[asy] /**  * LG  *  * Made by piphi  *   * For more information go to the link below.  *  */   picture nj=new picture;  path a1 = arc((1093,1093),908,177.457,362.543); fill(nj,(1363,1134)--(2016,1134)--(2016,1052)--(1363,1052)--cycle,white);  fill(circle((1093,1093),1093),rgb(165,0,52)*0.3+brown*0.6+purple*0.1); fill(arc((1093,1093),908,86.81,273.19)--cycle,white); fill(a1--cycle,white); fill(circle((1093,1093),823),rgb(165,0,52)*0.3+brown*0.6+purple*0.1); fill(circle((751,1443),131),white);  fill((1057,1573)--(1143,1573)--(1143,700)--(1360,700)--(1360,615)--(1057,615)--cycle,white);  clip(nj,a1--cycle); add(nj); [/asy]

LG Electronics is a South Korean electronics company.

This drawing was very nice to make. It consists of 3 circles, a hexagon, a rectangle, and 2 arcs. The fun part was using trig to calculate the angles of the arcs.


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