[asy] /**  * Screencast  *  * Made by piphi  *   * For more information go to the link below.  *  */  // Background fill((0,0)--(1024,0)--(1024,1024)--(0,1024)--cycle, orange);  // Shading Background picture bg; path sq=(0,0)--(1024,0)--(1024,1024)--(0,1024)--cycle; pen[][] orangeish={{rgb(247,152,38),rgb(233,101,36)+red*0.05}}; latticeshade(bg,rotate(90)*sq,orangeish); add(rotate(-90)*bg);  // Light Parallelogram fill((532,308)--(647,384)--(369,569)--(254,492)--cycle,rgb(251,222,199)); //fill((532,308)--(647,384)--(369,569)--(254,492)--cycle,rgb(251,222,199));  // Defining rounded triangle corners path lc = ((282,142)..(265,140)..(254,156)); path uc = ((254,1024-156)..(265,1024-140)..(282,1024-142)); path rc = ((820,1024-497)..(828,512)..(820,497));  // Filling white small triangle and trapezoid fill(lc--(254,492)--(532,308)--cycle,white); fill(uc--rc--(647,384)--(259,641)..(256,645)..(254,649)--cycle,white);  // Defining Background's rounded corners path llc = ((0,90)..(27,27)..(90,0)); path lrc = ((1024-90,0)..(1024-27,27)..(1024,90)); path urc = ((1024,1024-90)..(1024-27,1024-27)..(1024-90,1024)); path ulc = ((90,1024)..(27,1024-27)..(0,1024-90));  // Clipping extra background clip(currentpicture, llc--lrc--urc--ulc--cycle); [/asy]

This is the third logo in the series of logos I am drawing in Asymptote. Screencast is a service offered by TechSmith that allows you to host videos, images, and multimedia with others.


When drawing this, I first made the fading background, then the lighter parallelogram, and lastly the white triangle and trapezoid.

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