How do I move my piece

Video Tutorial:

  1. Go to the Checkers main page here
  2. Scroll down to your game and click on the game link.
  3. Click on edit button next to the title. You should be seeing lots of individual letters arranged in a grid-like fashion, "b" stands for a blue piece and "r" stands for a red piece.
  4. Move one of your pieces the appropriate number of spaces by replacing it's current text with one space and moving the text you deleted to where you want it.
  5. Click on "Save Changes"
  6. Leave a message on your game's discussion telling your opponent that it's their turn

How do I make a queen?

When one of your pieces reaches the other side of the board then they become a queen and have the ability to move both backwards and forwards.

The correct character for a red queen is "@" and the correct character for a blue queen is "&".


If you think someone cheated in any game then comment in the "Report Cheating" discussion page.

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