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About Me

What RedFireTruck Does

RedFireTruck is an expert translator of the language of The Ooga Booga Tribe of The Caveman Society. RedFireTruck comes up with high quality translations of ancient theorems such as:

RedFireTruck's Achievements

Here is a table of RedFireTruck's Achievements.

RedFireTruck's Achievements
Season Competition Score
2021 Season

(7th grade)

2020 AMC 8 25
2021 AMC 10A 120 (unofficial)
2021 AMC 10B 114 (unofficial)
2020 Season

(6th grade)

2019 AMC 8 24
2020 AMC 10A 103.5
2020 AMC 10B 78
2020 AOIME 4
2020 MATHCOUNTS State Qualifier
2019 Season

(5th grade)

2018 AMC 8 14


"RedFireTruck is very cool. He rediscovered a lot of our theorems." - Lord Ooga Booga of The Ooga Booga Tribe of The Caveman Society

"RedFireTruck is very stupid :(" - RedFireTruck (talk) 16:14, 16 February 2021 (EST)

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