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Hi! This is my - Supernova283's- AoPS Wiki page. Please, when you come onto this page for the first time, add one to the number below! Only do this once, however. Once I get 283, I will be very happy! Uh...for obvious reasons lol.



Please, don't edit this page except for the number above and who visited below! I have this page backed up, so at any time I can revert vandalism!

My Goals:

$\bullet$ To get into AMC 10

$\bullet$ To make my blog popular

$\bullet$ More to come soon!

My AoPS story:

I first joined AoPS in August 2019. However, my first post on AoPS Community was on July 25th, 2020. Why the big long pause? I didn't know what Community was, I was only using AoPS for Alcumus (I still have a screenshot of a problem I sillied on in January or so). I had clicked the Global Feed button a few times, but I didn't really get it.

Next, on July 25th, I clicked the Global Feed again, and there it was. My first thread that I posted in. Let's see if I can remember how to do this. I did! This was my first thread, with my first and second posts.

After that, I made a thread about squaring the circle. However, I didn't know about how stuff worked, so I accidentally made a forum, not a thread. Later, I realized my mistake, and the forum turned into the Hawking Forum. I actually spent a lot of time making that forum. Well, no one came since I didn't know about advertising. So, I turned it into The Calculus Forum, which also died. More later!

After that, I didn't post for a week or two. Then, I started scrolling through the Other Forums collections. That's when I found The Learning Forum. (Which I will now call TLF).

This forum was still like 3 days old when I found it. I started a calculus class and put out 4 lessons, all on functions. I then stopped for some reason.

When I was in that forum, there was an avatar making class. The teacher gave their experience as a link to their avatar shop in Not Just 20 Questions (which will be referred to now as NJTQ. So, I checked out the avatar shop and ordered an avatar. I still have it somewhere I think.

Well, that was the time when 2 posts on a forum was enough to get on my top 8 (probably because I hadn't posted in more than 8 forums yet). The thing was, when I checked out the avatar shop I didn't see what forum it was in. So, the next day I went to My AoPS and saw this weird forum named NJTQ at the bottom of my posts. So, I was like 'What is this?'. I clicked the post thing that shows you what your posts were in a forum, and I realized that was where the avatar shop was.

I officially joined NJTQ that same day. I didn't know what game forums were back then, so I just thought 'Oh well, I'll see what it is'. I soon realized what it was, and kept posting. My 100th post was actually on the thread The Vending Maching.

Back to TLF. Me and the user Cayle became moderators. Got2008, an admin, had left AoPS. falcon22, a mod, had plagiarized and left AoPS. TLF needed new staff. That new staff was me and Cayle. I became more active, although not by much. By this time, NJTQ was my top forum for posts and was there to stay. At that time, TLF was my second posted in forum.

Now, back to NJTQ (sorry). September 2020 mod elections were happening. Less than a month after joining, I had over 750 posts, which was the minimum for running. So, I ran, and after a few days, guess what? I got mod, along with a few other people! I started to be even more active, and soon got 1,000 posts.

Then, the great NJTQ flamewar happened. A bunch of users came in late September and basically accused us (the NJTQ staff) of being corrupt. We fought back. The flamers started spamming new threads. Still we fought back. Then, ******, another mod, decided to declare war on a bunch of other forums, which was not a smart move. That did NOT go well with the flamers, a bunch of which were staff on those forums. The flamers flamed. The staff fought. This battle raged on for probably about 2 weeks, sometimes getting really active, sometimes not so much. The staff all were planning in a PM which now has over 1,000 posts in it.

During that time, I was demoted from NJTQ for threatening to delete the flamer's threads. I requested ban from an admin. I got it. However, I still helped in that PM. Finally, I asked Blueclay, the forum leader, to unban and promote me, which she did. I helped in NJTQ again. Still, the flamers were fighting.

In mid-October, it was my birthday. I turned 13. The flames stopped. I had been insulted. I had deleted posts. I had had my posts deleted. I now had over 1,500 posts in NJTQ.

Now, let's take a break from NJTQ and return to TLF. It had died, unfortunately. So, I got even more active on NJTQ. However, during this time, I became more active on official forums like HSM, MSM, SS, and more.

Then came the SS topic about power abuse by site admins. I posted a lot there, trying to convince the people that site admins are humans too, they make mistakes, and so do they.

Now, back to NJTQ. End of October. Flames started again. This time, we the staff, fought back HARD.

Mod elections happened. 3 new mods were elected.

In the beginning of November, me and MinecraftFox made The Calculus Forum. It's a great place where you can relax, talk about calculus, do math and more! We even have a bank!

Okay then. Back to NJTQ it is. NJTQ has been becoming spammier, so I locked the spam thread. At least 2 users retaliated by making spam threads that apparently 'only they' could post in. Those got locked. The spam thread was unlocked.

New games have been made recently, many more RPG like. I don't know if I like that. NJTQ is not an RPG forum.

I am running for admin. I have almost 2,500 posts there in 2.5 months of joining. By now, I am just getting even more active.

Now, I have left NJTQ. I started a farming forum with some other users. I have a blog that I'm trying to make popular. My life is pretty good now. :)

Once more happens, more shall be added!

Please remember that this was written by me, so of course it is my side of the story. Others will have different ways it happened, and we always have to take that into account. Not just once way is true!

Now, that is not a complete story. Lots of things are missing. It is just a summary of it all!

Again, please don't edit that. I will. I have it backed up, so I can just take away anything that has been edited.

Friends List: Here is a list of my best friends. :)

Best friend: Cayle

Good friends: IWantYouToBeHappy, szheng0312, pi-r2, Blueclay, flec

Please don't be mad if you aren't on here. :)

If you would like to talk to me, please PM me on AoPS. It would make me really happy! :)

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