Hello! I am wuwang2002. I'm in Washington, and if you want to friend me my Discord is wwwDw#7152. I am in 7th grade, currently (Feb. 2023), and I am male.

About me


  • MATHCOUNTS State in 6th and 7th grade
  • that dumbass who managed to silly 5 out of 8 on target in 7th, getting something worse than in 6th (dumb asf)
  • 22 on AMC 8 (oof)
  • 108 on AMC 10 (2022a)
  • AIME qualifier 7th grade
  • 6 on AIME on first qualification (7th)
  • Participating in HMMT as Washington Gold 3 (which I should not be in lol)
  • Best solve: 2023 AIME I #5


  • UTR Rating: 3.12 as of 2/9/2023