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The Watcher is an American anthology drama series that premiered on UPN in January 1995, during the network's inaugural season. The series aired Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m Eastern time.


Set in Las Vegas, the series stars rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot as "The Watcher", an omniscient narrator who watches the activities of others all throughout the city of Las Vegas via all the monitors in his hotel suite which are filming live from the hidden cameras all throughout the city. The Watcher also starred Bobbie Phillips as Lori Danforth, a limo driver.

The Watcher was one of five series that aired on UPN during its first year, joining other drama series Star Trek: Voyager and Marker and the sitcoms Pig Sty and Platypus Man. Like the latter three series, it was canceled following its one and only season.

Guest stars

Guest stars include comedian and Howard Stern Show regular Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling, Max Wright, and comedians Gilbert Gottfried and D.L. Hughley, as well as the band Cheap Trick.

Episodes Episode # Episode title Original airdate 1-1 Pilot January 17, 1995 1-2 "Resurrection/Niles and Bob/Harry Stenz" January 24, 1995 1-3 "Heartburned" January 31, 1995 1-4 "A Change of Heart" February 7, 1995 1-5 "Till There was You" February 14, 1995 1-6 "No Hope for the Dead" February 21, 1995 1-7 "Passion Plays" February 28, 1995 1-8 "The Human Condition: The Blood of Our Children; Rita; The Comic" March 14, 1995 1-9 "Missing Persons" March 21, 1995 1-10 "Reversal of Fortune: The Last Act/Lucky Charm/Handle with Care" April 4, 1995 1-11 "Second Chances: Last Time Around/Jack Flash/Hit Man" April 11, 1995 1-12 "Apocalypse Now: Masters & Cherie/It Cuts Like a Knife/The Bet" June 27, 1995 1-13 "Sudden Death: Dancing Bear/Life Lessons/The Stranger" June 27, 1995 References Brooks, Tim; Marsh, Earle F. (2007-10-17). The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, 1946-Present (9 ed.). Ballantine Books. p. 1488. ISBN 0-345-49773-2. External links The Watcher on IMDb The Watcher at

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