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Hi everybody. My name is William Chi. I'm currently an 8th grade student in Naperville, IL. I am a current attendee of Still Middle School and Waubonsie Valley High School (two best schools ever). I really enjoy math and I work to improve this website and post solutions. As you guys can tell, I am kind of a nerd. I'm in STEM Club, Chess Club, Wind Ensemble, and Math Club (President). I play the flute and I really enjoy playing video games in my free time. I'm an active participant in Boy Scout of America in Troop 889 and I am currently a Life Scout.

My Goal

I haven't been always as enthusiastic about math like I am now, and I really hated having to solve problems that took a long period of time. I try to find easy way out of problems or to find easier ways to solve problems other than the given message, so if you look at my solutions, they are simplified from previous solutions or are just much easier methods. Another reason that I do this is that some problems put their solutions in very complex wording, or the solutions are just really hard to understand, so I do my best to either simplify one, or just write a new one.

My Current AOPS Project

As many of you can see, many years are extremely horribly made (no offense to those who made them), often without answer keys or without easy ways to switch between problems, so my goal is to go though every single set in the AOPS Wiki and improve user friendliness. Also, as I stated in my goal, many problems have complex solutions, and I really dislike solving them in the methods that are given or fail to understand the problems. Because of this, I redo the problems in a easier method, helping users with the problems.

Help Me Out

Because I am only one person, I really need help when it comes to fixing problems or improving them. Anyone who is willing to help out can help me by doing what I do, improving user friendliness or making problems easier to understand. Thanks to all those out there who are helping me out and thanks to those who will help out in the future!

Contact Me

I won't tell you my address or phone number (stalkers!), but my e-mail address is You can also find me on to be open Facebook page.

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