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Since 1967, there has been a local mathematics contest. Once regional to only NW Wyoming, the contest now draws almost 2000 competitors who go to one of 11 testing sites. The University of Wyoming, the 7 State community colleges, and the Wyoming Affiliate of NCTM, the Wyoming Ciuncil of Teachers of Mathematics (WCTM), coordinate and finance the competition.

Awards are given locally at the 11 testing sites on the day of the local contest. There are three different exams: 7th and 8th grades test together, 11th and 12th grades test together, and the 9th and 10th grades take a test that is a blend of the other two. Scores are compiled and state-wide winners are awarded from both the smaller schools and the larger school.

More information about the exam, the Regional Representatives, past winners, and old exams can be found at the competition website: [1]

Although schools have participated individually, the first time that a coordinated effort to support the AMC 10/12 contest in Wyoming was begun by the Mathematics Department at the University of Wyoming. In 2007, the Mathematics Departments at Casper College, Northwestern Community College, and Laramie County Community Colleges joined the effort, offering to host students and schools wishing to take the test. In 2007, WCTM financed the AMC 10/12 exams and 20 students in Laramie and Rock Springs tested. Two qualified for the AIME round. To read more about the contest in Wyoming see its webpage [2].

Two other competitions for high school students occur during the University of Wyoming's celebration of Math Awareness Week in April. During the designated week, we sponsor a individual competition for students preparing to take the Advanced Placement AB Calculus test, and we offer a more free-form team competition in Calculus called the Calc Bowl. See the webpage at the Mathematics Department for more details: [3]

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