Academic scholarships

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AoPSWiki includes one of the internet's most comprehensive guides to academic scholarships. Get started by clicking through the links below by subject area.

If you know of scholarships that do not match any of the following categories or are best listed under a category rather than a list, please create a new page for that category and list it here.

As a general guideline for scholarships: if you're paying to apply then it is probably not a legitimate organization of scholarship.

Major Scholarships is an internationally recognised database of student financial aid options including grants, scholarships and student loans. This site is contributed to all students searching for financial help for their current or future studies.

Specific Scholarships

Scholarships by subject

Additional Help

  • Scholarship Search Websites have many more scholarships and search features - check them out for religious, military, need-based, minority-specific, and other scholarships.
  • Ask your high school guidance counselor, college financial aid officer, or career center.
  • Your high school's website or those of other area high schools
  • College websites (many colleges offer departmental, subject-specific scholarships or even merit-based full-tuition scholarships)
  • If your club/organization has a parent organization (such as Kiwanis for Key Club and Boy Scouts), find the national organization's website.
  • If your parents and/or grandparents belong to any groups (Elks, Rotary Club, etc.), check out their websites.
  • Your parents' employers, especially if they work for a larger corporation.
  • Check the newspaper regularly, especially if you have a more local one.
  • Check for local legislative scholarships.
  • Check your library or bookstore for scholarship books. They're often organized by your interests and where you live.

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