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CEMC (Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing) is now known as the Canada's most recognized organization for promoting and creating activities for mathematics and computer science. CEMC is housed in the University of Waterloo (University located in Ontario, Canada). In their mission statements, it quotes:

"The Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing aims to increase enjoyment, confidence and ability in mathematics and computer science among students and teachers in Canada and internationally."

So they organize face-to-face workshops, publications of books, and competitions in order to reach their goal.


Annually, CEMC holds competitions that varies from elementary, to secondary level which is based on the nation-wide curriculum. Each competition is named after a famous mathematician. These competitions include:

- 4 multiple choice competitions in elementary and secondary level.

- 4 full solution competitions in secondary level.

- Full solution competitions in intermediate and senior level.

- Team Mathematics competition.

- Computing competitions for beginners and experts.



CEMC Contests

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