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The Euclid is a contest administered by the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing(CEMC). Euclid is considered one of the most competitive, high-reputative competition in Canada along with the Canadian Senior Mathematics Competition(CSMC) and Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge(COMC). It focuses on high school material, but is recommended for grades 7 to 12, as well as for University of Waterloo applications.


The Euclid is 150 minutes, with 10 problems in increasing difficulty. Problems are worth 10 points, and every problem consists of multiple sub-problems. Each sub-problem is marked with an image on the left, either "light bulb" or "paper/pencil"

  • Questions marked with the "light bulb" means that the sub-problem is short answer and worth 2-3 points. Partial marks may be awarded if work is shown.
  • Questions marked with "paper/pencil" means that the sub-problem is worth the rest of the problem's 10 points, and must be a written solution.


The Euclid covers topics similar to the AMC 10. These include geometry, trigonometry, algebra, number theory, counting, probability, and arithmetic.


Further information can be found at:

CEMC website

Past contests

Awards are listed below:

1. Distinction: For people scored top 25%(usually 70ish) 2. Honour Roll: For people scored high enough(2%-5%, not sure, usually around 90ish)

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