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The Euclid is a contest administered by the Center for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC). Euclid is considered to be one of the most competitive contests in Canada along with the Canadian Senior Mathematics Competition (CSMC) and Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC). It focuses on high school material, but is recommended for grades 7 to 12, as well as for University of Waterloo applications.

The contest contains short answer/full solution problems and is held annually in April.


The Euclid is 150 minutes, with 10 problems in increasing difficulty. Problems are worth 10 points, and every problem consists of multiple sub-problems. Each sub-problem is marked with an image on the left, either "light bulb" or "paper/pencil"

  • Questions marked with the "light bulb" means that the sub-problem is short answer and worth 2-3 points. Partial marks may be awarded if work is shown.
  • Questions marked with "paper/pencil" means that the sub-problem is worth the rest of the problem's 10 points, and must be a written solution. The written solution should be presentable and include justification.


The Euclid covers many topics similar to the AMC 10. These include geometry, trigonometry, algebra, number theory, counting, probability, and arithmetic.

It also includes other topics such as logarithms.


Further information can be found at:

CEMC website

Past contests

Awards are listed below:

1. Certificate of Distinction: For people that score in the top quartile (25%)

2. Honour Roll: For people scoring somewhere within the top (2-5%). HR is also divided into five "groups" with different prestige levels

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