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A chord of a circle $C$ is a line segment joining two points on $C$.

[asy]size(100); pair C=origin, A=dir(135), B=dir(30); D(unitcircle); D(A--B); MP("C",D(C),N); MP("A",D(A),NW); MP("B",D(B),NE);[/asy]

The diameter of a circle is the longest chord of the circle. The diameter goes through the center of the circle.

[asy]size(120); pair C=origin, A=dir(170), B=dir(-10); D(unitcircle); D(A--B); MP("C",D(C),NNE); MP("A",D(A),WNW); MP("B",D(B),ESE);[/asy]

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