United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad

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The USA Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO) is an exam used after the American Invitational Mathematics Examination to determine the top math students in America in grades 10 and under. It is possible for students to qualify for the Red level of the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program.

It is also referred to as the Junior USAMO. It was created in 2010.


Participation in the USAJMO is by invitation only. The test is administered to approximately the top 250 student combined scorers on the AMC 10 and AIME. Unlike the USAMO however, the problems are not proof problems. The USAJMO problems consist of 6 detailed solutions to short-answer problems.


The test consists of 6 problems, administered over two days, like the USAMO. Each problem is worth 7 points. The students are given 4.5 hours each day to complete 3 problems. There is a 2-problem overlap with the USAMO, specifically USAJMO problems 1 and 4 with USAMO problems 3 and 6.


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