Valentin Vornicu

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Valentin Vornicu was an Art of Problem Solving administrator and webmaster. In 2002, he founded MathLinks, which merged with AoPS in 2004.

Vornicu is a multiple participant at the IMO for Romania.

In 2006, Vornicu graduated from University of Bucharest, and in 2008 he got his Masters degree in Algebra and Number Theory from the University of Bucharest.

He was a coordinator for the IMO in 2005, 2006 and in 2008. He is also an instructor for WOOT.

Vornicu currently resides San Diego.

Resignation and Aftermath

On April 1, 2008, Vornicu resigned as an administrator from the Art of Problem Solving website. He left a brief message:

I am sorry but I have to announce you that I will be stepping down as an Administrator of AoPS - MathLinks.
The times spent with all of you on the site were great. The problems were many, and beautiful. But, all in all the stress is too much, and I cannot take it anymore.
My decision is irrevocable.
Valentin Vornicu

The original thread from which this statement is made can be found <url>viewtopic.php?t=197570 here</url>. Many were unhappy when Vornicu announced his resignation.

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