Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) is an educational resources company founded by Richard Rusczyk in 2003.

The Company


The main goal of AoPS is to create interactive educational opportunities for avid students of mathematics. As time goes on, AoPS is reaching out to students of other problem solving disciplines as well, including informatics, physics, programming, and others.

Tradition of Excellence

The accomplishments of every student are unique, and there is no way to measure that success. However, we try to record and celebrate achievements of AoPS students, faculty, and community members.

The Staff

For a list of all the current staff at AoPS and some previous staff go to the AoPS Administrators page.

Resources on AoPS

AoPS Wiki

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AoPS Books

Subject textbooks

AoPS subject texts provide instruction to excellent students of mathematics. This modern curriculum is both comprehensive and challenging enough for brilliant young mathematical minds.

Competition preparation books

The Art of Problem Solving competition preparation books cover a variety of topics of interest to students of mathematics interested in competitive math.

Other math books

AoPS sells numerous other math books at the AoPS Bookstore. Many of these books focus on competitions such as the AMC, the Mandelbrot Competition, Mathcounts, or MOEMS.

AoPS Online School

The AoPS Online School hosts math classes primarily for bright middle and high school students. Students of the online math school include winners of nearly every major mathematics competition in the U.S.

AoPS Forums

The AoPS Forums are a place where students and problem solvers of all ages can discuss mathematics and problem solving. Visit AoPSWiki:AoPS forums for more details.

AoPS: For The Win

For The Win is an online interactive game for students to participate in activities similar to the MATHCOUNTS Countdown Round.

TeX/LaTeX Resources

The AoPS Forums are LaTeX-enabled, allowing users to post nice mathematics.

Math contest problem database

AoPS members help organize a large and well-organized [ list of problems and solutions] from mathematics competitions all over the world.


AoPS resources include numerous very good articles for students, parents, and teachers.


Many of the features of the Art of Problem Solving website are made available for free so that every student interested in mathematics can use them.

Additionally, AoPS instructors provide hundreds of hours of teaching and support time for the San Diego Math Circle.

The Art of Problem Solving Foundation is a nonprofit corporation founded by AoPS CEO Richard Rusczyk with largely the same fundamental mission as AoPS itself, but with greater focus on providing educational resources where they are lacking. AoPS donates a portion of its book and class sales to the foundation. A link can be found here. Make sure it is .org if you want to see the foundation website, otherwise, you'll see the homepage of the current website you're on.