1973 USAMO Problems/Problem 1


Two points $P$ and $Q$ lie in the interior of a regular tetrahedron $ABCD$. Prove that angle $PAQ < 60^\circ$.


Solution 1

Let the side length of the regular tetrahedron be $a$. Link and extend $AP$ to meet the plane containing triangle $BCD$ at $E$; link $AQ$ and extend it to meet the same plane at $F$. We know that $E$ and $F$ are inside triangle $BCD$ and that $\angle PAQ = \angle EAF$

Now let’s look at the plane containing triangle $BCD$ with points $E$ and $F$ inside the triangle. Link and extend $EF$ on both sides to meet the sides of the triangle $BCD$ at $I$ and $J$, $I$ on $BC$ and $J$ on $DC$. We have $\angle EAF < \angle IAJ$

But since $E$ and $F$ are interior of the tetrahedron, points $I$ and $J$ cannot be both at the vertices and $IJ < a$, $\angle IAJ < \angle BAD = 60$. Therefore, $\angle PAQ < 60$.

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hurdler: Remark on solution 1: This proof is not rigorous, in the very last step. The last step needs more justification.

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