1978 USAMO Problems

Problems from the 1978 USAMO.

Problem 1

Given that $a,b,c,d,e$ are real numbers such that



Determine the maximum value of $e$.


Problem 2

$ABCD$ and $A'B'C'D'$ are square maps of the same region, drawn to different scales and superimposed as shown in the figure. Prove that there is only one point $O$ on the small map that lies directly over point $O'$ of the large map such that $O$ and $O'$ each represent the same place of the country. Also, give a Euclidean construction (straight edge and compass) for $O$.

[asy] defaultpen(linewidth(0.7)+fontsize(10)); real theta = -100, r = 0.3; pair D2 = (0.3,0.76); string[] lbl = {'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'}; draw(unitsquare); draw(shift(D2)*rotate(theta)*scale(r)*unitsquare); for(int i = 0; i < lbl.length; ++i) { pair Q = dir(135-90*i), P = (.5,.5)+Q/2^.5; label("$"+lbl[i]+"'$", P, Q); label("$"+lbl[i]+"$",D2+rotate(theta)*(r*P), rotate(theta)*Q); }[/asy]


Problem 3

An integer $n$ will be called good if we can write


where $a_1,a_2, \ldots, a_k$ are positive integers (not necessarily distinct) satisfying


Given the information that the integers 33 through 73 are good, prove that every integer $\ge 33$ is good.


Problem 4

(a) Prove that if the six dihedral (i.e. angles between pairs of faces) of a given tetrahedron are congruent, then the tetrahedron is regular.

(b) Is a tetrahedron necessarily regular if five dihedral angles are congruent?


Problem 5

Nine mathematicians meet at an international conference and discover that among any three of them, at least two speak a common language. If each of the mathematicians speak at most three languages, prove that there are at least three of the mathematicians who can speak the same language.


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