2005 CEMC Gauss (Grade 7) Problems/Problem 3


[asy] //make the picture small and square size(80,80); //draw an arc from 0 to 75 degrees of radius 1 centered at the origin draw(arc((0,0),1,0,75)); //draw a line with an arrow on the end pointing to 25 degrees (scale it down by .95 so that it stays inside the arc) //dir(25) is a unit vector pointing 25 degrees draw((0,0)--scale(.95)*dir(25),Arrow); //put a label at the end of the 75 degree unit vector (and position it out 75 degrees) MarkPoint("9",dir(75),dir(75)); //put a label at the end of the 75 degree unit vector (rotate label 75 degrees to create a tick) MarkPoint(75,"-",scale(.85)*dir(75),dir(75)); MarkPoint("9.2",dir(60),dir(60)); MarkPoint(60,"-",scale(.85)*dir(60),dir(60)); MarkPoint("9.4",dir(45),dir(45)); //put a label at the end of the 45 degree unit vector - use NE to move it slightly NorthEast of this point (or use dir(45)) MarkPoint(45,"-",scale(.85)*dir(45),NE); MarkPoint("9.6",dir(30),dir(30)); MarkPoint(30,"-",scale(.85)*dir(30),dir(30)); MarkPoint("9.8",dir(15),dir(15)); MarkPoint(15,"-",scale(.85)*dir(15),dir(15)); //put a label at the end of the 0 degree unit vector - use E to move it slightly East of this point (or use dir(0)) MarkPoint("10",dir(0),E); MarkPoint(0,"-",scale(.85)*dir(0),dir(0));[/asy]

Contestants on "Gauss Reality TV" are rated by an applause metre. In the diagram, the arrow for one of the contestants is pointing to a rating closest to:

$\text{(A)}\ 9.4 \qquad \text{(B)}\ 9.3 \qquad \text{(C)}\ 9.7 \qquad \text{(D)}\ 9.9 \qquad \text{(E)}\ 9.5$


Since the arrow is pointing between $9.6$ and $9.8$, it is pointing to a rating closest to $9.7$.

The answer is $C$.

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