2017 JBMO Problems/Problem 4


Consider a regular 2n-gon $P$,$A_1,A_2,\cdots ,A_{2n}$ in the plane ,where $n$ is a positive integer . We say that a point $S$ on one of the sides of $P$ can be seen from a point $E$ that is external to $P$ , if the line segment $SE$ contains no other points that lie on the sides of $P$ except $S$ .We color the sides of $P$ in 3 different colors (ignore the vertices of $P$,we consider them colorless), such that every side is colored in exactly one color, and each color is used at least once . Moreover ,from every point in the plane external to $P$ , points of most 2 different colors on $P$ can be seen .Find the number of distinct such colorings of $P$ (two colorings are considered distinct if at least one of sides is colored differently).


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