AoPS Wiki:What AoPSWiki is not

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AoPSWiki is not a dictionary

Most articles in the AoPSWiki should contain a definition of the term, but the definition by itself should not make up the entire article. The articles should provide a more complete, thorough explanation of the topic -- particularly as it is relevant to students of mathematical problem solving.

AoPSWiki is not a place for most personal content

More specifically, AoPSWiki is not:

  • a weblog.
  • a message board.
  • a social network.
  • a medium for chat.
  • a journal for original articles to be published.
  • a place to identify real names of other AoPS users.
  • a place to share personal information about yourself or friends

However, users can use their user profiles to post personal content relating to academics and problem solving.

AoPSWiki is not for inappropriate articles and links

  • Websites that are collections of links have no purpose. The appropriate links from the collection however, may be posted in appropriate places.
  • Spam is never allowed.

AoPSWiki is not yours

AoPSWiki is for all of its users to share. This means that there may be some articles which you don't agree with or some articles might not be organized/written in the way you would like them to be. Changes on such matters should reflect a consensus of AoPSWiki users, with resolution governed by Art of Problem Solving administrators.

AoPSWiki is not a democracy

Disputes should be mediated through discussion until a general consensus is reached. Moderators have authority over general contributors. Administrators have complete authority over all of AoPSWiki, including moderators. This system allows the AoPSWiki to run relatively smoothly.

AoPSWiki is not Wikipedia

This is the one most often confused. While it's obvious that AoPSWiki covers a far smaller subject range and is far younger than Wikipedia, there are some other differences as well.

Also, AoPSWiki does not require references.