Alabama ARML

The Alabama ARML team competes at the American Regions Mathematics League. Historically, the Alabama team has placed in the top 10 at ARML many times.

Recent Results

  • In 2006, Alabama came in 15th in the A division.
  • In 2007, Alabama placed 9th in the A division and had several top scoring students including Seva Tchernov who placed 4th overall.
  • In 2008, Alabama A placed 33rd in the Division and Alabama B placed 37th in Division B.


Participation is now open to all interested Alabama high school students, as well as high achieving middle school students.

Team selection and the Alabama ARML TST are still being planned in regards to the 2009 Alabama team. Since 2005, the TST has been written by former AoPS class writer, instructor, and textbook author Mathew Crawford who now coaches the Alabama team.


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