Resources for mathematics competitions

The Art of Problem Solving hosts this AoPSWiki as well as many other online resources for students interested in mathematics competitions. Look around the AoPSWiki. Individual articles often have sample problems and solutions for many levels of problem solvers. Many also have links to books, websites, and other resources relevant to the topic.

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Quick Start Video Introduction to the AMC

A quick video overview of the AMC and AIME.

Training Websites

Intuitive olympiad solutions

Intuitive solutions to IMO problems posted, that helps the reader understand *how* to think of the solution on their own rather than simply memorizing the trick in the solution. Over a million views, very widespread.

Free Math Books

Mastering AMC 8:

Mastering AMC 10/12:

The Book of Formulas:

Free Math Courses

AMC 8 Fundamentals Course:


AMC 10/12 Fundamentals:

Introduction To Number Theory:

Free AMC 8 Bootcamp covering all the essential concepts:

Free AMC 10 Course:

List of Resources

All AMC 8 essentials:

All AMC 10 essentials:

Math Competition Classes

Math Competition Problems

Problem Books

Many mathematics competitions sell books of past competitions and solutions. These books can be great supplementary material for avid students of mathematics.

Problems Online

Art of Problem Solving maintains a very large database of math contest problems. Many math contest websites include archives of past problems. The List of mathematics competitions leads to links for many of these competition homepages. Here are a few examples:

Introductory Problem Solvers

Intermediate Problem Solvers

Olympiad Problem Solvers


A Huge List of Links

AoPS Course Recommendations

AMC 8 Preparation


AMC 8 Problems in the Resources Section

Problem and Solutions: AMC 8 Problems in the AoPS wiki

AMC 10/12 Preparation

How preparing for the AIME will help AMC 10/12 Score

What class to take?

AMC 10 for AMC 12 practice

AMC prep

AMC 10/12 Preparation

AIME/AMC 10 Overlap and Preparation

How to prepare for amc10 and aime?

Preparation for AMC 10?


AMC 10 Problems in the Resources Section

AMC 10 Problems in the AoPS Wiki

AMC 12 Problems in the Resources Section

AHSME (Old AMC 12) Problems in the AoPS Wiki

AMC 12 Problems in the AoPS Wiki

AIME Preparation

Studying to qualify for USAMO

How to prepare for the AIME

Preparation for the AIME

Using non-AIME questions to prepare for AIME

Best books to prepare for AIME?

How to improve AIME score to make JMO?

Preparation for AIME and USAMO

BOGTRO's AIME list of topics:


AIME Problems in the Resources Section

AIME Problems in the AoPS Wiki

AIME problems sorted by difficulty

Beginning Olympiad Preparation

Bunch of General links


Middle/Advanced Olympiad Preparation


Book Links:

Olympiad Level

Not Free

Problem Sets

Ranking of all Olympiads (Difficulty Level)

See also

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