American Scholastic Mathematics Association

The American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA) hosts competitions for middle and high school students.

General Information and Rules

The American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA) is a middle/high school team competition with the top eight scorers of each team counted towards the team's total. The test is 35 minutes long and assumes the use of a calculator.


Awards and certificates will be given to the top schools. The student with the highest score in each school will also receive a certificate

2019-2020 Contest Dates

Contest #1 - October 10, 2019 Contest #2 - November 14 2019 Contest #3 - December 12, 2019 Contest #4 - January 9, 2020 Contest #5 - February 13, 2020 Contest #6 - March 12, 2020

It features questions with probability, counting, arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It is 35 minutes long and contains 7 questions.


The difficulty of this math competition is similar to MOEMS (easier problems) and AMC 8 (harder problems)


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