Annual Inequations Contest

Annual Inequations Contest
Region: Global (online)
Type: Multiple Choice
Difficulty: 1 - 6
Difficulty Breakdown:

Problem 1: 1
Problems 2-3: 1.5 - 2
Problems 4-5: 2.5 - 3
Problems 6-7: 3 - 3.5
Problems 8-9: 3.5 - 4
Problem 10: 4.5 - 6

The Annual Inequations Contest is a contest created and administrated by the Mani-Cretin Mathematics Association and is one of The Mani-Cretin Mathematical Examinations. The competition contains 10 problems of increasing difficulty. There is an individual time limit to each question; that is, the first question must be completed in 1 minute, the second in 2 minutes, and so on. Contestants are not allowed to submit their answers before the timer is up (for each question). The contest covers all knowledge related to inequalities taught in secondary school but will be harder than typical school exam problems.

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