Berkeley Math Tournament

The Berkeley Math Tournament (BMT) is a high school math competition (although younger students are also allowed to participate) hosted by the Bay Area Math Tournament Group. It is a team competition, with each team having up to 6 participants.

BMT Rounds

Power Round (90 mins)

The Power Round is a proof-based team round. Contestants will answer a series of questions centered around a single topic not typically seen in competitive mathematics, culminating in incredible results in the field of that chosen topic. For all questions (unless stated otherwise), you will need to provide a rigorous mathematical justification for your assertions in full sentences. The topic for the Power Round will likely be at an undergraduate level, but no substantial previous mathematical background is expected.

General Round (90 mins)

The general round is an individual round consisting of questions across the various subjects that comprise the focus rounds. This round is highly recommended for students with less prior contest experience.*

Focus Rounds (60 mins)

There are four focus rounds of 10 questions across four subjects --- Algebra, Geometry, Discrete Math, and Calculus. Each student can participate in two rounds of focus exams.*

Guts Round (75 mins)

The guts round consists of 9 sets of 3 problems across various subjects in math. The key feature of this round is that each set must be turned in before the next set is given. All teams can see a live scoreboard with their standings.

*Students may choose to either take the General Round or two Focus Rounds.

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