Berkeley mini Math Tournament

The Berkeley mini Math Tournament (BmMT) is a middle school math competition hosted by Berkeley. It is a team competition, with each team having up to 5 participants.

Region: California
Type: Free Response
Difficulty: 1 - 3.5
Difficulty Breakdown:

Individual: 2-2.5 (Problems 1-10), 3-3.5 (Problems 11-20)
Speed: 1-2.5
Team: 2-2.5 (Problems 1-10), 2.5-3.5 (Problems 11-20)


There are four sections in the BmMT: Individual, Speed, Team, and Puzzle.

In the Individual Round, each solver solves 20 problems alone in 60 minutes. In the Speed Round, members of a team work together to solve around 50 easier problems in 10 minutes. In the Team Round, members also work together, but they have 30 minutes to solve 20 questions. Finally, in the Puzzle Round, teams have to solve unfamiliar problems. A Tiebreaker Round is also used in case two teams have the same score.

All problems are free response, and legible writing is needed. All answers must be exact and simplified. Also, calculators and geometric tools are not allowed in the competition.


The test mostly covers material from the Common Core State Standards, but with more critical thinking required. Additionally, problems cover quadratics, combinatorics, and divisibility. Trigonometry and logarithms will not be on the BmMT.

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