Georgia Junior Varsity State Tournament

The Georgia JV State Math Tournament is annually hosted and run by Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. The 2006–2007 tournament will occur on Saturday, March 31, 2007.


Each school may send four to eight students. Because it is a junior varsity tournament, all students must be in the tenth grade or lower, but there are no restrictions on what courses students may be taking.

The individual portion of the tournament consists of a ninety-minute, twenty-five question multiple-choice test. Four points are given for each correct answer, and 1.1 points are given for each blank answer. On this round a non-symbol-manipulative calculator may be used (but no calculators may be used in the other rounds).

The rest of the tournament consists of a collaborative team ciphering round in ten minutes with a sliding scale of point values, and three rounds of four-person relay problems. The scoring system is rather complex; for further details, see the website.

Each team's score is determined by team ciphering, relay, and top four individual scores. Individual scores are based solely on the written test. Individual ties remain unbroken, but are relatively unlikely due to the nature of the scoring system. In addition to top team and individuals, the most improved teams and individuals are recognized (these awards are known as the Love Awards, for Dr. Dwight W. Love, who contributed greatly to Georgia mathematics and passed away in 2001).

Other Information

Registration and scoring details, as well as past results, are available on the website.

The tournament is an good way for younger students to gain the attention of the Georgia ARML coaches, as the tournament attracts some experienced students but still leaves room for the younger ones to shine.


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