On the AoPSWiki, shortcuts are designed to make AoPS policy pages (in the namespace AoPSWiki:) more readily accessible by creating short memorable shortcut phrases which automatically redirect to the guideline page. Entering a shortcut under search and clicking 'Go' automatically takes the reader to the policy page, saving time.


On the page of the shortcut, add the line:

#redirect [[ARTICLE TO GO TO]] {{R from shortcut}}

The {{R from shortcut}} just categorizes the redirect page into a special category of shortcuts.

Typically, shortcuts will be created to Wikipedia policy pages and their respective talk pages, though other non-main namespaces that are often traversed also can have shortcuts. Table of general shortcuts:

A: AoPSWiki:
AT: AoPSWiki talk:
MOS: AoPSWiki:Manual of Style
CAT: Category:
T: Template:

Afterwards, go to the article which the redirect heads to, and at the top of the page add the code


For additional redirects, use

{{shortcut|[[REDIRECT1]]<br />[[REDIRECT2]]<br />[[REDIRECT3]]}}

This way readers can be informed of the actual shortcuts.


The typical way to use a shortcut is to just enter the shortcut into the search box and hitting Go. It is also possible to substitute the shortcut name directly into the URL. Shortcuts are case-insensitive.

This article is a tutorial about the AoPSWiki or AoPS Forum.