Jadhav Triads

Jadhav Triads

Jadhav Triads are groups of any 3 consecutive numbers which follow a pattern , was discovered by Jyotiraditya Jadhav and was named after him.


If any 3 consecutive numbers are taken say a, b and c then the square root of the product of the first and the third number will be approximately equal to the middle term or the 2nd term.

Variable format :

√ac ≈ b

√αγ ≈ δ

Practical observation

Let a = 5 , b = 6 and c = 7

so by √ac ≈ b ,

√5X7 = 5.9160797831 ≈ 6

Let a = 10 , b = 11 and c = 12

so by √ac ≈ b ,

√10X12 = 10.9544511501 ≈ 11


Can be used to find approximate square roots of the numbers which are also the product of numbers which differ by 2.

Notable Error

It is found that the square root of the product may differ to maximum of 0.3 to minimum of 0.1 from actual middle number, but this units can be negligible unless talking about big units like meter and kilometres.

Other discoveries by Jyotiraditya Jadhav

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Jadhav Triads

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