Lassiter Invitational

The Lassiter Invitational is an annual high-school math tournament hosted by Lassiter High School in Cobb County, Georgia that usually occurs on the first Saturday in December. The contest is authored, edited, and graded by students of Lassiter High School, who do not participate in the competition. There are two divisions of competition: JV and Varsity.

The contest for each division consists of a multiple-choice test, ten ciphering questions, and a pair of power questions, i.e., more in-depth questions on which members of teams collaborate. Awards are given to individuals and teams in each division. It is a well-attended competition, and those who do well have a good chance of being selected for the Georgia ARML team.

The 2007–2008 competition will occur on Saturday, December 1, 2007.

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