Minnesota MathCounts

Minnesota MathCounts is one of the state competitions held for MathCounts. The Countdown Round takes the top 16 students and is unofficial, so countdown winners get separate awards. The state team is picked solely based on written round scores. The competition is held every year at the Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West Hotel in Plymouth on the second weekend of March (Friday-Saturday).

Past Winners and Schools

Minnesota MathCounts State Competition History site

State Countdown Winners

  • 2023 - Jeff Zhou
  • 2022 - Not held
  • 2021 - Not held
  • 2017 - David Zhang
  • 2016 - David Zhang
  • 2015 - Ayush Ram

National Countdown Round

  • 2015 - Frank Han (11th written, S)
  • 2008 - Martin Camacho
  • 2007 - Gaurav Singh (10th written, P), Nathan Salo (11th written, P)


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