Mock AIME 5 2005-2006 Problems/Problem 14


Let $ABC$ be a triangle such that $AB = 68$, $BC = 100$, and $CA = 112$. Let $H$ be the orthocenter of $\triangle ABC$ (intersection of the altitudes). Let $D$ be the midpoint of $BC$, $E$ be the midpoint of $CA$, and $F$ be the midpoint of $AB$. Points $X$, $Y$, and $Z$ are constructed on $HD$, $HE$, and $HF$, respectively, such that $D$ is the midpoint of $XH$, $E$ is the midpoint of $YH$, and $F$ is the midpoint of $ZH$. Find $AX+BY+CZ$.


Notice that $X$ is the reflection of $H$ through the midpoint of $BC$. So by reflecting the orthocenter lemma we know that $AX$ is a diametre of $(ABC)$. [$(ABC)$ means circumcircle of $\triangle{ABC}$]. Simillarly $BY$ and $CZ$ also diametre of $(ABC)$. So we need to find $6R$ where $R$ is the radius of $(ABC)$

Now by cosine rule we get, $CosB=\frac{68^2+100^2-112^2}{2.68.100}=\frac{13}{85}$

So $Sin^2B=1-Cos^2B=\frac{85^2-13^2}{85^2}=\frac{84^2}{85^2}$

$Or, SinB=\frac{84}{85}$

Now by sine rule we get,


So required answer is $6R=\fbox{340}$


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