Mock AIME 5 2005-2006 Problems/Problem 15


$2006$ colored beads are placed on a necklace (circular ring) such that each bead is adjacent to two others. The beads are labeled $a_0$, $a_1$, $\ldots$, $a_{2005}$ around the circle in order. Two beads $a_i$ and $a_j$, where $i$ and $j$ are non-negative integers, satisfy $a_i = a_j$ if and only if the color of $a_i$ is the same as the color of $a_j$. Given that there exists no non-negative integer $m < 2006$ and positive integer $n < 1003$ such that $a_m = a_{m-n} = a_{m+n}$, where all subscripts are taken $\pmod{2006}$, find the minimum number of different colors of beads on the necklace.



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