Princeton University Mathematics Competition

The Princeton University Mathematics Competition (PUMaC) is a high school math competition held by Princeton University students since 2006.


There are two divisions in the competition: Division A and Division B. Division A is for experienced solvers and has harder problems, while Division B is for newcomers and has easier problems. The test structure is the same for both divisions.

First, individuals and teams register to enter the competition. Since 2017, all teams must have 8 members. Registration deadlines are available on the official website.

Each individual does two of the four individual tests (algebra, combinatorics, geometry, number theory) of their choice. Each individual test is 60 minutes long. Books, calculators, construction tools, and graph paper are not allowed. The top 10 scorers in each division participate in the Finals round, and they have to solve three problems in 1 hour.

In the Team Test, members of a team work together to solve problems, usually within 30 minutes.

For the Power Round, teams are given a set of problems a week earlier than the actual event. All solutions must have justification (referring to previous parts is allowed). Groups turn in the Power Round solutions the day of the event.

Teams also compete in the Live Round, a team test but with live scoring.

Contact Information

For more information, see the official website (below) or write to:

Princeton University Math Club

303 Fine Hall, Washington Road, Princeton University

Princeton NJ 08544-1000 USA

Attn: Dona Vukson

Or email:

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