Quantum Mechanics


Quantum mechanics is a field that Einstein created.

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Relativity is a branch of modern science that has two parts: special relativity and general relativity. Both were formed by Albert Einstein.

Special Relativity

Special relativity deals with spacetime and its behavior when an object is moving in a line. Some of its statements are: objects moving at higher speeds experience slower time. Also, the speed of light, or $c$, is the highest speed any object can achieve. Objects moving at c would then move to their destination in no time since time slows down to a stop.

Special relativity also deals with the equivalence of mass and energy, with the famous equation $E=mc^2$. This shows that the amount of energy an object contains is equal to its mass multiplied by the squared speed of light. It also shows that a huge amount of energy can come from only a tiny piece of matter.

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