Rockdale Mathematics Competition

The Rockdale Mathematics Competition is an annual math tournament hosted and run by the math team of Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology in Rockdale County, Georgia. Since 2011, the tournament occurs on the last Saturday in October each year.


The format of the competition since 2006-2007 is different from that of previous years; the contest is now more similar to ARML than before. There are three divisions of competition (middle school, junior varsity, and varsity), and teams are of four students each. The competition consists of team, power, relay, and individual rounds. The team round consists of ten problems worth five points each to be solved in twenty minutes by the team members. For the relay round, each team is given six minutes to solve six problems in which the answer to each problem after the first relies on answers to the previous problems. The power round, worth sixty points, is a multi-part question for which the team has 40 minutes. The individual round consists of five pairs of two problems, each pair to be solved in seven minutes. For the purposes of team awards, each question is worth one point, but for individual awards, questions are weighted according to difficulty. A tiebreaker round in the format of the individual round also occurs to break any ties occurring among the top 12 individuals of each division.

No calculators are permitted on any part of the competition.


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