San Diego ARML

The San Diego ARML formed in 2006 to compete at the American Regions Mathematics League.

The San Diego ARML team is currently coached by Hao Ye and Mark Tiefenbruck and is supported by the San Diego Math Circle. Andy Niedermaier was a coach for 2007-2009, and Mathew Crawford was a coach for 2006-2007.


32 students from the San Diego are traveled to Las Vegas to compete at ARML. Only 3 of those students were graduating seniors, and it is expected that most of the remaining 29 students will be returning next year. San Diego Surf (A) finished 12th (nationally) in their first appearance in division A, and 3rd at the Las Vegas site with a score of 145. This score was good enough to earn them honors as the Site Winner in division A. San Diego Sun (B) finished 33rd (nationally) in division B: a very strong showing considering that this was the first time for most of the members of that team, who were, for the most part, middle-schoolers.

Individually, San Diego Surf had 2 students who scored 7's and went to tiebreakers:

  • Joshua Wang, who won the tiebreaker to become the individual Site Winner
  • Edward Zhu

In addition, there were multiple students (on both teams) who scored 6's and earned medals as team high scorers:

San Diego Surf (A)

  • Team score: 145
    • Individuals: 74
    • Power: 33
    • Team: 32
    • Relays: 6

San Diego Sun (B)

  • Team Score: 80
    • Individuals: 45
    • Power: 17
    • Team: 16
    • Relays: 2


(results to be posted later)


30 students made the trip from San Diego to Las Vegas to compete at ARML. Only 5 of those students were past the 9th grade, though the two teams faired well, with San Diego A finishing around the middle of over 100 teams.

Team A

High scorers were freshmen Edward Zhu and Richard Mu, with 6 out of 8 problems.

  • Team score: 92
    • Individuals: 51
    • Power: 17
    • Team: 16
    • Relays: 8

How to qualify

Currently, selection for the San Diego ARML team is based on AMC scores, AIME scores, USAMO qualification, and San Diego Math League scores. Interested students in the San Diego area should contact the San Diego Math Circle for more information.